Our mission is to meet all of your dining desires.  If you are craving traditional Thai and Sushi cuisine, you will love our deep commitment to home-style quality while we let your palate in on our secret family recipes.  From curries, noodles and whole snapper to rolls and tempura you’ll experience familiar names but amazing and distinctly delicious Tamarind flavors.
Perhaps you are looking for a modern twist on old favorites or new creations altogether?  Our experienced and expertly trained chefs are always dreaming up imaginative combinations that you won’t find anywhere else and our special features will keep you coming back daily.  Our menu includes vegan and gluten-free options so that everyone can partake in these unique culinary offerings.
This versatility continues with your choice of ambiance in our restaurant.  If you are seeking Zen and wanting to hold Thai tradition, please explore our spacious main dining room filled with exotic statues and decor.  Our ode to Japan lies in our sushi room where East meets West with contemporary lines and bold colors.  Your first or last stop can take place in our Sake Lounge where specialty cocktails and cozy couches await.  Whatever your mood, we look forward to providing you the best of everything.