"THE MODERN DECOR of the restaurant was a nice surprise since it didn't look like much from the outside"

"Perfect Balancing Act: Thai and Sushi at Tamarind in Deerfield Beach"

What makes Tamarind so unique?

there are three separate rooms. Each room sets its own tone by the decor and ambiance. If you are in the mellow and Zen mood, do try our traditional main dining room filled with exotic statues.

When entering the sushi room,

the decor will make you feel like you have the best of both worlds, Eastern and Western surrounded with contemporary and trendy colors that flow perfectly into the sushi lounge.

Tamarind's menu is extremely versatile.

It ranges from unique salad dishes such as the fresh green papaya salad to our various stir-fried dishes, our delicious grilled entrees and Tamarind's favorites, such as the whole snapper and the four different styles of Curries.

The sushi selections

The sushi selections are stacked with bold flavors and colorful presentations led by our Sushi Chef TOM who presided and worked in Japan as an executive chef for many years before joining our family.


Our menu Made Fresh Daily; it's a perfect description of the regular menu items we offer.